Our main focus is on our customers. At Verdifresh we offer global solutions: from product and recipe development, to packaging design, offering specialised logistics and distribution services for every market and channel.

Product development

Over the last more than 20 years we have launched hundreds of innovative products, developed by our highly specialised team, onto the market. We offer our customers healthy and balanced recipes, always seeking to keep up with the latest trends in flavours, formats and ingredients.

Our range covers different types of products and formats: from single products, to mixed-leaf salads and full salads, as well as plates of fresh vegetables that are ready-to-eat or cook.

Salad topping production

Our plant in Antequera (Malaga) has special facilities for producing trays of ingredients (toppings) contained in our salad tubs. Using cutting-edge equipment, our highly specialised salad topping rooms allow us to work with all sorts of ingredients, such as: dairy products, cereals, meat or fish, always guaranteeing the highest quality and food safety throughout the process.

The integration of this area in our plant also enables us to create and launch new products faster, making the innovation processes with our customers much easier.

Packaging design

We work with specialized agencies in packaging and graphic design, providing solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. Together with our packaging suppliers, we are constantly looking for new solutions and more sustainable materials.


The versatility and capacity of our plants enables us to make different kinds of packaging for a wide range of products, from bags to tubs in different sizes, as well as special formats for the Food Service and Horeca channels.

We also own an innovative packaging line: new containers that include a valve which enables our ingredients to be steamed in the microwave, preserving the flavour and properties of the vegetables.


In all of our production centres we have cutting-edge order preparation systems equipped with SAP technology, as well as a fully-automated operating system that manages warehouses, barcodes and labels.

We innovate every day to improve our logistics and distribution system in terms of efficiency and sustainability. We also have an expert logistics operator, highly qualified in preparation, storage and distribution systems for ready-to-eat products. This enables us to guarantee that our products can be delivered in less than 24 hours, 365 days a year, anywhere on the peninsula in Spain, South of France and Portugal.